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Due to the constantly increasing requirements and the high demand for well-trained security specialists, we offer you the training to become a “Specialist for Protection and Security”. This training is suitable for all women and men who have finished school and have at least two years of professional experience (regardless of the profession). Retiring soldiers or interested persons who have already worked in the security industry for at least two years can also complete this course in a shortened form. Whether this is suitable for you, we have to check individually before the start of the course. As TACFIS GmbH Training Academy for International Security, we have been successfully training security personnel for 20 years as a competent training partner. In the past 12 years, we have been able to release almost 100% of all students who have successfully completed the courses into employment subject to social security contributions or into self-employment.


Do you want to end your unemployment, avoid imminent unemployment or catch up on your vocational qualification? Then be sure to contact your employment agency or job center. Our courses are sponsored by the germen employment agency with the Education Voucher.

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